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MK-03-BOM Multifunctional Orthopedic Traction Frame


  • Main frame: hexagonal aluminum tubes, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.
  • Connector: made of reinforced plastics, sturdy and durable.(knob adjustment)
  • Two triangle hangers, with adjustable straps.
  • Four pulleys can be adjusted according to requirements.
  • Two reinforcing tubes could increase the loading strength.
  • Maximum loading capacity is 200kg, can withstand the strong pulling force.
  • Suitable for many models of bed, It is fixed into four sockets on the bed frame. Using knob adjustment, it’s simple and easy to install without any other tools.



  • Stand tube *4 pcs (2t octagonal type*L1510mm)
  • Vertical tube * 2 pcs (2t octagonal type* L2020mm)
  • Horizontal tube * 5 pcs (2t octagonal type * L1000mm)
  • Connecting joint * 14 pcs
  • Triangle hanger * 2 pcs
  • Fixed base * 4 pcs
  • X movable support * 2 pcs
  • X fixed support * 2 pcs
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