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SS625 (4 Motors Electric Bed)

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Feature of SS625:

  • SS625 is a full-featured bed.
  • Molding bed top and integrated head foot board made by plastic ABS durable and detachable.
  • Easy to maintain and cleaning which reduce hospital staff working time. Because of you and your patients deserve the highest quality in patient care equipment.
  • The model SS625 meets stringent international quality and safety standards, and contains important safety features to assist the care giver in providing superior patient care.
  • Excellent design of actuator system with lowest noise and stable quality, assist patients and care giver in comfortable ward environment.
  • Four functions actuator system design which assists ICU ward care giver to upgrade work efficiency.
  • Excellent central lockable and steering castors system design which assists care giver to move bed smoothly and easily.


1 function head  2 function foot.jpg  height postion adjustment icu tilt electric hospital medical health care bed e4p ha4 t chen kuan  4 unction-angle 


Specification of SS625:

  1. Bed overall size: L 2150X W960mm(±5%) (W1090mm including guardrails)
  2. Bed height: 485mm ~755mm (±5%)
  3. Back-rest lifting angle is 0~75° (±5%)
  4. Knee-rest lifting angle is 0~35° (±5%)
  5. Trendelenburg & Rev. Trendelenburg 0~12° (±5%)
  6. 24V DC actuator system.
  7. Voltage: 110V/ 60Hz or 220V/ 50Hz


Standard accessories of SS625:

  1. Tuck-away half-length safety guard rails.
  2. Integrated stamping Bed Tops & Head/Foot boards are made of ABS, washable and removable.
  3. Detachable Head/Foot board for CPR.
  4. Integrated stamping frame is steel made with powder coated, resistant to chipping and scratching.
  5. 4-function handset.
  6. 5” Anti-dust covering casters.
  7. 5” Instant CPR Release. (Optional)


Optional accessories of SS625:

  1. multi function adjust over table height electric hospital medical nursing long care bed ss 600

    Overbed table

  2. bakelite x ray panel locker electric hospital medical care long term health nursing care bed ss 600


  3. height adjustable 2 joint telescoping iv pole hooks electric hospital medical care bed eal hs3

    IV pole with 4 hooks

  4. anti Dust cover caster brake wheels electric hospital medical health nursing care bed eal hs3

    5” Anti-dust covering casters

  5. quick central control brake foot plate lock caster wheels hospital medical long care bed ss 600

    Central locking system on castors with wheel cover

  6. cpr release rardiopulmonary resuscitation adjust electric hospital medical nursing long care bed ss 600

    Instant CPR Release

  7. acp attendant control panel nursing staff icu tilt electric hospital medical care bed ss 600 chen kuang

    Bed end attendant control panel(ACP)

  8. rechargeable storage battery electric hospital medical care bed long term nursing care eal hs3

    Back-up battery

  9. waterproof bed mattress waterproof cloth cover high density wave foam medical care bed eal hs3






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