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SS888-U1 (4 Motors Electric Bed)

Feature of SS888-U1:

  • International Patent Certification.
  • Motorized folding & extension.
  • 4motors with 7 functions.
  • one touch to folding/unfolding easy to assemble, easy to storage.
  • the lowest height of bed is 30cm matching .ergonomics.
  • Packing size is only a quarter of general bed, easy to deliver for saving money
  • Suitable for often changing the user's location/for leasing /spare bed.

1 function head 2 function foot.jpg height postion adjustment icu tilt electric hospital medical health care bed e4p ha4 t chen kuan 4 unction-angle


Specification of SS888-U1:

  1. Overall size: L2145×W1030mm(±5%)
  2. Height :H310~710mm(±5%)
  3. Folding size : L440 x W950 x H1240mm(±5%)
  4. Height Range adjustment:400mm(±5%)
  5. Back-rest lifting:0~70° (±5%)
  6. Knee-rest lifting:0~35° (±5%)
  7. Trendelenburg and Rev. trendelenburg:0~10°(±5%)
  8. Automatic disassembly & expansion system.
  9. Automatic assembly & folding system.
  10. 24V DC actuator system (CE & UL approval)
  11. Voltage: 110V/ 60Hz or 220V/ 50Hz.
  12. Safe working load : 230 kgs


Standard accessories of SS888-U1:

  1. Head/Foot boards and side rail are made by timber, easy assembly and removable.
  2. Integrated stamping frame is steel made with epoxy polyester powder coated & baked finish, resistant to chipping and scratching.
  3. 7-function handset.
  4. High quality 4” braking castor.
  5. All parts are made by tooling to ensure uniform quality.


Optional accessories of SS888-U1:

  1. multi function adjust over table height electric auto folding pack home medical care bed fal fp4 t

    Overbed table

  2. height adjustable 2 joint telescoping iv pole hooks electric auto home medical care bed ffe up4 t

    Two sectional IV pole with 4 hooks

  3. lifting bar electric hospital care home medical care bed long nursing health care bed ffe up4 t

    Lifting Bar

  4. rechargeable storage battery electric pack home medical care bed nursing health care bed ffe up4 t

    Backup battery


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